How to Paint a Wine Bottle and Oranges Still Life | Art Therapy by Framedope


This is a time lapse of a quick still life painting that I did to test out some new techniques. Poster print and framed print of this still life painting available at: Music: Fight Song Extended Instrumental by Old Man Young Here is a list of the materials used: Strathmore 400 Series Acrylic Pad, […]



Remember the scene form Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing where DJ Love Daddy appeals to the community to calm down after racial tensions and violence had started to destroy the community? Well, that movie is nearly 30 years old and, at this point, the real-life tension seems to have only gotten worse. There are […]

The Importance of Sketching

sketch art

I like to define art as the engaging delivery of truth. To me, the most beautiful art is a work which exudes rawness. In most cases it is in this rawness where I am most able to find a connection. Imperfection is a part of humanity- a part that I feel is increasingly being manipulated […]

Sweet Grapes

the grapes of wrath

John Steinbeck’s Epic The Grapes of Wrath was not only a portrait of the Joad Family’s depression era migration from the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to find work in the promising fertile California coast- it is a thorough accounting of the machinations of the faceless banking institutions, the collusion of the big farming corporations, the […]

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

edgish by Eric Allen Young

Sometimes we’ll have ambiguous discussions with a friend, family member, cashier, therapist or beer pourer – where both parties will distill the world’s current problems to clichéd oversimplifications. And this is the closest that the most of us come to any serious discourse. This even makes us feel a little bit more intellectual and involved […]