Traptain America

Proudly display an exclusive masterpiece in your home.

This is the bold original portrait painting “Traptain America” by the artist, Eric Allen Young.

  • Exclusive original work by Eric Allen Young
  • Includes artist signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Unique style that fits most decor
  • Impressive 16″x20″x.75″” size
  • Premiere professional quality acrylic paint on stretched canvas
  • Looks great with or without a frame
  • FREE shipping


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Behold the soul-stirring creation that is “Traptain America,” a profound work of art that transcends boundaries, invites contemplation, and challenges our perception of social justice. This 16″x20″ masterpiece, a powerful commentary on contemporary America, takes you on a journey through the eyes of an African-American man.

👤 In this captivating painting, Eric Allen Young brilliantly captures the essence of his subject – a man of strength and dignity, with his eyes closed and head bowed, perhaps in reflection, meditation, or resistance. The blue mask painted around his eyes symbolizes the struggle for justice and equality, echoing the heroic ideals of Captain America.

🎨 Young’s artistic prowess shines through as he employs a loose and impressionistic style, which gives life and energy to his subject. His bold strokes convey the raw emotion and intensity that “Traptain America” embodies.

🎆 The color palette is a rich blend of reds, browns, and blues, all strategically chosen to evoke a deep sense of patriotism, passion, and struggle. The background, reminiscent of the stripes of the American flag, offers a symbolic backdrop that encapsulates the essence of the American dream.

🌟 “Traptain America” is not merely a work of art but a conversation starter, an exploration of social justice, and a vivid testament to the times we live in. It challenges us to confront the injustices that persist while reminding us of the enduring strength of the human spirit.

🤔 Are you ready to delve into a world where art and activism intertwine, where a single canvas can challenge your perspective and leave you profoundly moved? “Traptain America” is that world, waiting for you to explore its depths.

🏆 Eric Allen Young’s “Traptain America” isn’t just a painting; it’s a powerful social commentary, an expression of hope and resilience, and an opportunity for you to own a piece of history.

🛍️ Don’t miss your chance to own this incredible piece of contemporary art. “Traptain America” is not just a painting; it’s an experience that will captivate your heart and soul. Get ready to embark on a journey through the eyes of a nation with this stunning artwork in your collection.

👉 Get “Traptain America” by Eric Allen Young now and be a part of the dialogue, the change, and the movement. Your walls deserve this inspiring masterpiece.

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